Thursday, June 02, 2011

June 2, 2011

Reverse bands. triple 160kg, double 180

So, I have passed my last review with Dr Hoy.  All is well and good with the shoulder and I can push through the pain from the tightness.  Of course I still need to do a lot of rehab exercises and get both rotator cuffs strong.  I think in 12 months I will be making big gains.  For now, Nationals is in my immediate plans, just to get on the platform,  and I've started putting together my own competition schedule for 2011

July 29/30  Australian Titles   (Powerlifting)
August 20 Ian Laurie Cup  (Weightlifting  - my debut on the platform)
Sept 27 World Masters, Canada  (Powerlifting)
November 20 Matti Tikka Challenge, Sydney  (Powerlfiting)

I'd like to get another Weightlifting comp in there somewhere but the dates tend to clash a bit..

Oct 15/16 Australian Masters Championships - maybe a bit to ambitious for my first year...  Plus I will have only just returned from Canada...   or...

Nov 26  Phoenix Open incorporating Masters GP5 - but this is only 1 week after the Matti Tikka...

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