Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jan 11 2011

Excellent training session yesterday morning.  Now I can use the power squat machine - very much like a backwards hack squat, the beauty of it is its hands free!! 

Powersquat 1 plate x10, 2p x8, 3px 6 4p x3 x 6sets.
Single leg squat 5kg x10, 7kgx10, 10kgx 8, 15kg x8 x 3sets
Sled with 20kg 8 double trips

Holding me back a little was shouldering the weight when I needed to rack the powersquat, Could have gone heavier but wasnt going to risk setting back my shoulder rehab for the sake of fueling  my ego.  When I got up this morning my glutes were letting me know that they'd been pushed.

On that subject, shoulder rehab is coming along well, range of movement is increasing although last 2 nights I've needed some 'assistance' to get to sleep resulting in some bizarre dreams.  Started supplementing with some SCF and  MSM  to hep with the recovery.

Have written up my first Powerlfitng Australia Newsletter in the form of a End of Year wrapup  - should be posted on the side in the next few days.  Looking back it was a tremendous year for PA and 2011 is going to be a blast with RAW really making headway into the calendar.  Will I do a RAW comp tho'? hmmmmm  I like my equipped lifting too much.

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