Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jan 13, 2011

Running late for training yesterday morninf, arrived at 6.30am,  but what does it matter, I'm training on my own anyway.  Back in the belt squat for my Wed morning session while everyone else was benching. Its overrated anyway...   Glutes still sore so I worked on technique with a plate and 1/2, 8 reps per set using a low box. only time for one more exercise so have to make it count.... Back raises with a 10kg plate, really stretching the hammies at the bottom, 4 sets of 15. 

Then rehab.....   seem to have reached a sticking point, range of motion has stopped improving, still I persist and next week hopefully the physio will start pushing it.

IPF have updated the International rankings.
For my weight class / open division, 63 total competitors:

Powerlifting World Ranking 2010  Women 67.5 kg                       
PL NAME                 BWT   Best SQ  Best BP Best DL Total   W.pts  
27. Victoria O'Brien 66,41  150,0       92,5     195,0   437,5  451,80

Across all weight classes out of 443 competitors:

IPF 2010 Powerlifting World Ranking on Wilks points - Women   
Pl    Class Name               NAT   BWT   TOT    Wpts  Place   Date  
159. 67,5 Victoria O'Brien AUS   66,41  437,5  451,80 Pilsen 28.09.2010


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