Thursday, January 06, 2011

Jan 6 2011

First Physio session yesterday and I was expecting it to be tough.  But to the contrary, we started by discussion my perceived pain levels and check some basic range of movement, all of which are quite normal - even the flicking sensation that I dread so much.   I explained my training and competition plans for the year, what my current lifting level were and particularly what my bench should be.  After which  Dr Simon B warmed the shoulder up with a heat pack, followed up with some gentle massage thru the pec, bicep. On to my side for a massage of the rear of the should and scap then the exercises could be started. 

1. leaning forward to let the arm hang 10 small circles right, 10 small circles left
2. as above controlled swing back to hips and forward again without pushing it - repeat 10
3. as above controlled swing from left to right across body - repeat 10
4. Lying down with a stick in bot hands, raise arms up and allow arms to go back as far as they will  - without forcing - repeat 10 from centre and then lower back down at the end (the hardest part)
5. sitting up - external rotations across the body - gently, repeat 10 and then using stick gently push the hand out further - repeat 5 times

That's it - twice a day for the next 2 weeks  - less is more for the next 4 weeks, every thing is just gentle, no pushing it hard yet.   Wont be able to drive my car, which is a manual, for another month at least.  Lucky the 4wd is an auto!!

The slow road back to lifting.....


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