Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dec 30, 2010

Last post of the year.

Sling off tomorrow and in anticipation of this momentous event I spent half of today out of the sling :-) Well I didn't want to jump straight in the deep end.  Anyhoo after a while I was glad to rest it in the sling again.

Range of movement is poor and painful, but expected I guess.  Next week I start physio and that I'm looking forward to, with some apprehension.  At least I'll have a better idea then of my prognosis and maybe better informed about how long my will be.

Driving myself to training tomorrow in the 4wd 'cos its an auto.  Sat in the Honda today and started the engine for the first time in 4 weeks....  purrrrrrr.  So from next week I can get back to training 4 times a week. Mon, Wed and Fri will be variations of leg, lower back and abs while on Sat I'll start doing some single arm, upper back, shoulder exercises and more abs.  That's the plan, gotta have a plan.

New year's eve will be a quiet one at home, on pager....   Had a little think about resolutions, not that I',\m all that good at keeping to them - ha! still haven't learned to swim!  One promise I need to make and keep is to eat more veggies....  somehow, sometime this year, veggies have disappeared from my plate making only the guest appearance now and then.  2011 - the year of eating veggies!

When I look back over 2010 I see a year full of success, goals kicked but tempered with the loss of my Dad. To the future, 2011, full of promise and challenges - Bring it on.

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