Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Dec 7, 2010

Overdue for an update.

Everything went as well as could be expected and I'm surprised not to be in as much pain post operative as I had expected.  Or perhaps my pain tolerance is such that I don't notice it now after being in pain for so long already.

Surgery was done under sedation with a nerve block, not as heavily under as total anesthesia but i don't remember anything until the very end when I kinda woke up and saw the blue screen still covering my shoulder but was still pretty out of it. 

Good news:  Bicep tendon did not require ‘relocation’ to the humorous.  Shorter recovery period.

Bad news:  Where the labrum had torn I had worn the cartilage down to the bone – very bad. Had to shave the bone and stretch labrum across and anchor with screws and stitches. This requires longer immobilization to allow scar tissue to fill in the gap 

Was overnight in hospital with plenty of pain relief when the nerve block started to wear off.

Home the next day with some heavy duty pain killers - Endone (Oxycodone). Which kept me sleeping a fair bit and slept the first few nights in the recliner which was more comfortable than being propped up in bed.

Last couple of nights now tho' I've managed to get back into my bed with some extra pillows and sleeping pretty well.  And I'm off the pain killers.

Had my post op review yesterday and stitches removed. Dr. Hoy showed me some great photo’s inside my shoulder both before and after, including the repair! When I get them from Dr. Hoy at my next review I'll scan some in.  

Anyhoo, I will be in the sling 24/7 until Dec 31. I've put a countdown at the top of the page.  And I am not allowed to take it off to drive.  Even in an auto.  Ughhh  housebound!   Physio wont start until Jan 5th  and I’ve been warned it will be very stiff, however once the physio starts Dr Hoy wants me go hard at it.   For now, I am  allowed to externally rotate the arm, if I keep my elbow tucked in – this means I can type two handed  - This also means I am back to work today – working from home...


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