Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dec 15,2010

Now into my 2nd week of disablement and finding it quite frustrating but at the same time understand that its necessary.  Fortunately I have been able to return to training twice a week, Mon & Fri mornings.  At E.S.P. I have a number of options like belt squats, back attack, glute/ham, hypers, power runner, single leg squats, sled work and as my recovery progresses I'll have the use of safety bar and cambered bar for squats.

MG says this could be a blessing in disguise and that I can use this time to really work on squat technique - particularly with the belt squats.

Started out with just one plate and struggling to use good form MG confined me to the belt squat for 40 minutes....  After this I moved on to back attack and 6 sets of machine good mornings then finished with a couple of laps of sled pulls.  By that same evening I was already feeling it in my quads and by Saturday morning I was near crippled :-)  But I was back the following Monday for more of the same...

I also made it back into the office this week, Monday after training,  and should be in again on Friday. Other than that I am working from home - housebound and going nuts....   Whilst I enjoy working  from home once or twice a week is about as much as I can bear!  But that's how it will be until January when I get my independence back...  or at least be able to drive again....


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