Thursday, February 03, 2011

Feb 2, 2011

Whoa! February already.

Physio appt - Feb2  (3rd appt)

Simon is happy with my progress still despite my telling him that I'm developing tourettes syndrome  - he inquired as to which tick I'd developed...   The one where I randomly swear every time my shoulder has the flicking pain (yes it returned with avengeance).  He might have thought it was funny but he could see I was concerned about it, nothing to worry about, just keep up the posture work and it will settle....

Scapula massage , not so bad, can deal with that but the lat massage and up under the armpit when trying to stretch overhead - I have to go to that happy place in my mind til its over.

Cleared  to use the Safety squat bar and the zercher harness tho'. Now my squat and deadlift training can get back on track properly.  Also on the approved list is theraband internal and external rotations and now I can, at my own discretion, increase the weights for floor presses and rowing - very happy!

Zercher Harness.

So excited to being about to squat that I'm going over to ESP tonight.  Martyn will have the SSB set up for me and off I go!  Well actually I cant make it to training tomorrow morning, Miss Olivia's first day of school and I got the personal invite, but there was no way I waiting until Monday to squat!

Back to French lessons starting next week.  Level 5 at Lyceum in Kew.  Tuesday night now instead of Wednesday and its a later class  7.50pm  but that's fine because when I return to weightlifting, and I will return to PHOENIX, the French class wont mess with my training which  is 5-6.30pm.  Just means that Tuesday's gonna be a packed day!  Thank gawd for the 'work from home' / sleep in thing on Tuesday mornings to prepare.  Pity tho's I wont see the girls from the classes last year, they're already a level ahead of me now :-(

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