Thursday, June 28, 2007

Head cold - again

How crap is this? Its only been a couple weeks since my last cold.... Started up Sunday morning with a scratchy throat but still felt ok but now it progressed to a full on head cold, sneezing, sniffing, coughing..... Training will be light - well it speed work so thats a good thing. Fingers are healing - nice big red scabs....

Thanks for the suggestion Louise... the suit slippers are akin to stocking... errr more like stayups with the advantage that you can pull them out from under the suit once you have it on. (I'll post a pic of the suits slippers when I have them on next week) But the idea has go me thinking about having a cut off pair of stockings to help slide the suit up over my fat ass and hips - although then I though I don't want the suit to move once I have it on so how would i then remove the stockings - hmmm needs some more thought. Part of the problem is that I break into a sweat getting the suit on and then it is even harder - talc might help. Hmmm more thinking needed on this one.

Caught up with Coolrunner StuMac for a latte the other day. (increment "coolrunners met count" to 9) Very nice guy, listened to me babble on but it was a little like going to confession since he's quite a good runner and I'm so not! "Bless me father for I have sinned its been 60 days since my last run....." "I promise to get out there next week when 'm over this cold..." Oh wait a minute - scratch that I'm on call next week... ahhh and then off to India... "ok I promise to start when I get back from India..." errrr no, thats getting a little close to Nationals - scratch that too "I promise to start again after Nationals..." Hmmmm that's when I see the specialst about getting the bone spur removed from my big toe... "Right... I promise to start running again in Summer..... " Yessss,yessss.... I hear all the powerlifters out there going "boo... boo......" I know running is a bit like the anti-christ but I really liked that slightly fit feeling I had back at the beginning of the year - now I feel, you know.... sluggish, frumpy, fat etc etc nevertheless - STRONG! And what's worse I feel guilty eating chocolate - doesn't stop me but I feel guilty just the same.

Drove up to Seville see Jo on Tuesday evening - she's off to QLD Thursday night to spend a couple of weeks with her fiance Steve (wont surprise me if she comes back pregnant!!) And she alerted me to the Clarins sale on this Week starting tonight - So for the female readers here... Clarins Sale - repeat - Clarins Sale - Skin care and cosmetics. Whitehorse town hall - 1022 Whitehorse rd Box Hill 3128, Thurs 5pm-9pm Fri 10am-3pm Sat 10am-2 pm.

What else.... hmmm... the big boy is sick too, sicker than me even.... but I guess that's just him being a boy - boy's don't cope as well with sickness or pain. Thats a fact that all women know. Anyway - we seem to be in sync with pretty much everything we do like txt each other at the same time about the same things, call when the other is about to call - and now we even getting sick at the same time... ohhh he is so cute!!

Doped up on anti-histamines I traipsed off into the city today. Looks pretty good for having a car park when we move tho' it will not be on site and I'll have to brave the winter weather crossing St Kilda rd twice a day, so into Myer stock take sale and got myself a new hat, scarf and brolly. Checked out the bags and wallets too.... but prised myself away without either... (I really need new wallet tho') Ahh retail therapy - nothing beats it.

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Stu said...

It was great to meet you on Thursday. Don't worry about the running, it will return when it needs to. like me and when will I return tot he gym to harden up the parts that need hardening!!

Have a great trip!