Monday, June 25, 2007

Its arrived.....

Today my new MAXDL deadlift suit arrived from Inzer. Disappointed that I didnt get a tracking email from UPS this time but still happy that it's arrived on time for me to try it out tonight. We'll see 1) how I go getting it *on*. 2) how I go getting down to the bar with it on! I guess sumo style will make it easier to get down but I wonder how much more rebound I'd get if I can get down to the bar in conventional style. Cant wait to try it out. what's been happening to date.....

Thursday night

Box squats - 75kg 12 sets of 2 of the medium height box
Cable Pull thru's - 150lb x 10
Speed Deads - 8x1 @ 60% = 85kg
Fitball raise & curl - 3x12 done
Cable woodchops - 100lb 3x10
Reverse Hypers - 3x10

Hammies and lower back pulled up sore on Friday - in a good way <>

Friday night

Speed bench (U3.5 sec) - 50kg 8 x 3 Had Dirk time the first few attempts and upped the weight until I was just under the 3.5 seconds - then started the 8 x 3 reps
JM Press - light 30kg 3 x 10
Rope Pushdowns - 3 x 10
Hyper dumbell rows - 40lb 10, 8, 8
Cable front raise - 3 x 10

Worked from home on Friday. Mojo was getting new shoes at 11.30 - good timing as both Madi and I rode at the weekend. I had Adult riders Saturday morning, first up was a jumping class with Jonathon McLean. Worked on a lot of transition work first getting the horse to respond immediately to the aids and for me and two of the other riders we spend a bit of time working on left and right canter and I finished up with a poor attempt at three jumps in a row (at a trot pace) with just one stride between them - nearly came off over the last one.... it wa s a bit wider than the others and Mojo jumped big over it... LOL but Jonathan said it was good that I had a go at taking myself out of my comfort zone with trying the 3 jumps. Next up was a short dressage class more rising trot and canter work. Pretty sore by the end of it.

Sunday Madii had pony club and we decided to float down to the club. Freezing cold in the morning, the trucks windscreen had ice on it and the bird pond was frozen over! It turned out to be a beautiful day and all went well until we were going home. We'd just dropped Mojo off at the paddock and were heading downhill towards our street, still towing the float, just as we approached the corner I applied the brakes.... but I dint have any.... SHIT!!!!!!! I was already committed to going around the corner and with my foot flat to floor we managed to slow down somewhat and I pulled on the hand brake and stopped. Took a few mins to get my breath back and think what next..... Put the truck in first and just edged down the street up onto the nature strip out from of home and pulled up with the hand brake again. And thats where the truck and float remain!

Walked up the drive, Madii carrying the saddle - the most expensive item - not to be left in the truck.... and called my brother..... So looks like it'll be off for repairs. At least we made it home safe.

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