Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Max DL - 150kg

What a struggle to get the suit on!!! Put on the suit slippers thinking they should help but the legs just didn't give an inch. Danny and John worked hard at shaking me into the suit, I managed to get it up part of the way, ripping the skin off my fingers in the process. The pads of my fingers feel like they have been sandpapered and it hurts to type! Tried hanging from the squat rack to sink into the suit, tried sliding from side to side like with the squat suit. At one point I really thought this was not going to viable for the comp in August. I left the suit slippers on the hole time hoping that the suit would keep moving up. Finally got the straps over my shoulders and used my body to inch the suit up a little further resulting in bruising at the end of my traps and onto my shoulders - even hurt this morning just putting a bra on!! Lots of welts across my legs from the suit.

Still with the suit slippers on I attempted to get down to the bar in sumo but I could not reach it. With a lot of persistence and more stretching into the suit I finally reached down and pulled the bar up at 120kg and promptly dropped it again. Kept working at it and finally could get a decent lift. Tried to put on my belt, but the guys could not get it done up..... A few more attempts at 130kg and the suit moved a little more.... Now I could get the belt on..... Attempted 140kg - flew up! Added another 10kg for a last attempt - 150kg - trust me I was exhausted.... Again the bar came up off the floor with gusto but I just couldn't hold it, trying to grip 150kg on the smooth part of the bar, even with chalk, it wasn't happening, so straight back down it went! And that was it - no more attempts. Just as a test I tried to get down in a conventional style for deadlift - even after all the sumo lifts I still could not get near the bar conventional style! Now to get the suit off...... didn't take quite as long, was able to roll the suit down but still needed big John to pull it down off my legs. I think still having the suit slippers on helped to get it off. What a relief to get it off!

Put my training pants back on and go back on with the rest of my routine. Set up the bar with 60kg for good morning squats - 1 rep and I knew it wasn't a good idea - my lower back was trashed - dropped back the weight to 40kg and just went thru the motions - good stretching and getting the blood pumping thru my legs... 3 easy sets of 10. Hamstring raises 10, 8, 8. Reverse hypers 30kg 3 sets of 15. Wrecked..... I left the gym and went home to cook dinner. Figured spaghetti bolognese would be quick and easy and I really needed the carbs.... While that was bubbling away I dragged myself upstairs, changed into my jammies and turned on the leccy blanket. Collapsed in the recliner with dinner to watch Desperate Housewives...... 10.30pm hot shower, hot bed and passed out!!!!


Casually Me said...

That suit will break in. PR's in your future...big PR's. Tight in the hips....is a very good thing. Have you ever thought you might be getting too much volume in? Sometimes more is not better, or I keep telling my girlfriend that anyway...lol. Sleep, lift, eat, sleep. Repeat cycle. Notice what I mentioned twice? Love reading your gains. I might start a blog, just on lifting...will let you know....love getting new information...but I retain very little...

Louise said...

The things we do for fun!!

I don't know if it'd help, but I've seen people wear pantihose to help a wetsuit slide on easier. It might help to make you more "slippery".