Tuesday, June 19, 2007

catchup time

Disaster hit the house last Thursday night. Leigh was coming over for a latte and so I thought I'd stop by Atomica on the way home and pick up some fresh coffee beans. Got home, wiped out the grinder, topped it up for a test run - and shock horror - the grinder seized, no go, no grind, no how, no way!! Almost in tears as I contemplated an evening without a latte..... Boo-hooo....

Spent part of Friday surfing the web for a new grinder. Coffee geek Luca recommended the Rancilio Rocky which is the ideal partner for Rancilio Silvia. (A little short of the Mazzer that I really wanted - but way too pricy...) Had an email offer for another top grinder - but more than I wanted to pay and would have to wait for it to be shipped from interstate - discussed the options with Leigh and went with the Rocky. Bit of search on the internet and picked up Rocky from The Coffee Company for $415.00 and latte'd myself into sleeplessness on Friday night.

Rocky and Silvia - together at last

Whilst on the topic of spending money - also treated myself to a new toy - A Dopod 838pro PDA - which is giving me hours of joy and frustration.... LOL. If only I could get it to sync the contacts AND still see my email..... ugghhh the joys of new technology. I think I need an upgrade to outlook 2003.

Whilst we were out at Pony Club Saturday morning - Madii was doing her C certificate Riding and Practical test my brother Mark returned the truck after he had the power steering fixed for me - just needed a new hose and also he found which fuse was blown so now it has lights as well. Tripped over to see Leigh at work on Sunday and we went for a ride in the truck to have a latte.....

BTW Madii Passed her C Certificate!!! She scored a fantastic 70 out of 77 on the written test.

Trained last night - first night in the new routine..... As I got to the gym, realized I had left my training spreadsheet at home.... but - a AHH- HA.... Dopod to the rescue - I had uploaded the excel spreadsheet to the dopod and so was able to happily continue with the planned training.

Sumo deadlifts - worked up to a 1 rm of 140kg - attempted 145 but it wasn't budging - plus the added pain of ripping the skin of the palm of my hand didn't help my motivation.

Good morning squats - 3x10
Glute ham raise 10,8,6
Decline Russian twists 10lb 3x10
Reverse Hypers 100lb 10x3

Today my lower back and glutes and hammys' are all quite sore!!! Need to do some stretching - probably should have done a bit more last night instead of just lounging in the recliner watching Desperate Housewives after dinner!!

Max bench tonight - gonna be fun holding the bar!

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Casually Me said...

1934 over the weekend. Wanna hear a stupid squat story? I guess you said yes, lol. My first attempt is light enough I don't use knee wraps, one less thing to worry about ya know? So I get up under the 726 or whatever the heck it was and it felt odd, off center even. I should have re-racked. Anyway, I do the squat and get 2 red for depth. Come off the platform and a guy asks me, do you always lift with you lever belt not levered? Haha. No wonder it felt bad. NO wraps and no belt. Anyway, went 7 for 7 the rest of the day as I passed the last dead, it would not have made a difference for anything. Time to start training for the next one. The bad news, did not get my 2 grand.