Thursday, June 21, 2007


Well I made the gym news letter........

Congratulations to Vicki O'Brien on her recent achievements in the sport of Powerlifting.

Vicki, you know the one... the lady with the funny lifting suits and chalk all over her
hands and legs.... the one that hogs the squat rack.... the one who embarrasses
the men in the gym because she can lift more than most of us on her bad days.....
well she has just broken state records in the masters category and one record in the
open category in the CAPO Powerlifting Federation.

Whilst Vicki performed below her own very high standards, she won the state title
in April and now is in training for the National Championships to be held in August
where she plans to break more records and claim her first Australian title.


Back to reality.....

Benched a max of 80kg Tuesday night - barbell floor presses. Followed that up with tricep work : California press 3 x10 and floor crushers 3x10. Back/lat work 2 part pulldowns 3x10 (that is... In the lat pulldown part 1 lay back horizontal, part 2 pull down to the chest - to simulate pulling the bar down in a bench press) must be done in 2 distinct movements. This really, and I know I shouldn't say this... gave my lats a huge pump. Last accessory exercise dumbell side raises 3x10 and then finished with some light dumbell external rotations 3x15 (this is rehab work....) For a bench night it was a good work out.

Tonight speed squat.... featuring none other than, you guessed it, box squats! Yay!


Christine Petty said...


Embarrassing men in the gym is a pastime all to it's own. :)

I'm telling all big iron bloggers-- It's an online meet in September, for kicks and fun. I'm the only woman entered. Care to join in and kick my ass?

Stu said...

Coffee, when??? Arkie (sp) Bar when???

let me know, I'm a Public Servant, can walk out nearly any time! :-)