Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Santa Claus is coming to town....

And don't my feet know it! Christmas shopping at Knox... arrived at 9 am to get a parking space... left at 2 something..... Madness prevails in the shopping malls. Madi and I found an awesome jigsaw that we want to do - unfortunately they didn't have one in stock - its by Thomas Barbey and called "Tourist Trap" The jigsaw is of his work - take a look at this link.

Where did I leave off??? ohh yeah Friday night - left work at 5pm and being a lovely evening I decided to walk down to Cartel where we were having social club drinks. Not too far I thought - WRONG! Two massive blisters later I hobble into the bar.... Amazing isn't it, we moved into a new building just a few months ago and all now reside on the same floor but do we see each other - no! Soooo had a jolly time catching up with my colleagues and talking techo stuff like what DVD recorder is best and the pros' and cons of HDMI cables... yada yada....

Trammed it back to the office and drove to Warrandyte pub to dine with ladies of DARC and their partners before heading home...

Sat morning - Out shopping with Leigh, messed around in the afternoon, ran into a Nic, one of the baskeball mums that I really clicked with and promised to catch up her with while I'm on leave. Then off to dinner at Andrews house (Leah's boyfriend) while Madi partied at a friends' cousins' 21st. Got given the grand tour of the house he is doing up to sell.

Sunday - the traditional lunch with the outlaws (my ex's family). They're no so bad really and its the only chance they get to see Leah and Madi and for the girls to see their aunts, uncles and cousins. Gavin, my brother-in-law who is a "Toorak Hairdresser" commented that Madi's hair looked like a wig (LOL) and then without mincing his words said he didn't realize I was going so grey - Thanks - Bastard! :-)

Monday - Hair appt (not with Gavin) to get my greys covered over! Sheesh - who wants to age gracefully? ha ha ha. Trained at 5ish squats and deadlifts. The extra rest days seemed to have worked treat. After warmups I settled in for 5 sets of 5 at 80kg - a drop back, but better to err on the side of caution. Deads were wide grip overhand at 100kg, 8 sets of 3.

That brings me back to today, and despite all the walking I went to the gym and trained - just calves and biceps. Calves I have not trained in what seems like a century. This was bit of test on the poor ole toe I can tell ya! So nothing too heavy, reps around 10's and 5 sets of seated raise and 5 sets of standing (in the smith machine) with plenty of stretching in between. Bicep curls 5 sets of 10 reps - light 20lb and 25lb followed up with cable curls with the EZ bar 6 sets of 10 reps - each set heavier. Finished with 15mins of walking on the treadmill (yes even after all the walking at the mall). Even broke into a little job for about a minute and a half.

Tomorrow... possibly more early morning shopping - just a few things to get and I want it over!! Training will be upper back, shoulder rehab stuff and triceps. Then its off to Jo's late in the evening - something has gone awry with her internet connection so I'm going to take a look for her.

Phew, I'm buggered..... Heading off to bed to read.... started a new book last night. "Body Count" by PD Martin. One of the books I got at the cheap book sale last month.... :-)

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