Monday, December 10, 2007

More sore.....

Think I've strained my right hip adductor squatting on Sunday morning..... Training a day earlier than I should, after doing legs on Friday night, the intention to train with my girlfriend Jo on Monday night at Spartans being the reason I was training on Sunday morning as training with Jo would be more bodybuilder stuff rather than powerlifting. Warmed up fine - reps with the bar, then 40kg, 60k 70kg, 80kg. Finally loaded 90kg for the 5 sets of 5 and OUCH. I felt is on the way down. Decided not to work thru it and instead packed up and went home. Then as it turns out, Jo has to cancel Monday night....arrrgh, never mind - the extra night of rest is probably needed now although its not feeling too bad I'm not going to risk it. Back in there tomorrow night for the squat and deadlift work.

Went to the Deadlift comp on Saturday at Steve Browns (new) gym - yes I went to the old location first! Doh! Lucky I had sms-d the address to Leigh earlier, I had to check my sent box to get the right address! Saw some great lifting, Louise Vu Duy taking out the top State place with a PB of 132.5kg at 55.3kg body. She is a powerhouse! A couple of the regulars were also there Rena Littleton and Guilia Mormile also pull some good lifts on the day. Nice to see a few new faces too - really putting in some top efforts. I'll post some pics tomorrow.

Quick meeting after the comp to decide what would be run next year in the way of comps and the dates, in light of the disintegration of the Victorian Committee.... tentatively 2 dates for Vic comps... April 5th, July 5th and the Nationals being held in Perth on October 5th. New committee etc will be up for nomination at the next AGM in April.

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