Saturday, December 01, 2007

More Leg Bashing

Friday night:

Single leg dumbbell squats
Back to front lunges - these hurt my toe, may need to reconsider doing these or modify them somehow.
Stiff leg cable pull thru's
Alternate lying leg curls
Weighted hyper extensions
Band knee pushouts

Madi has finished school for the year and this means I can leave for work a little earlier in the morning - so next week I'm planning a couple of early morning runs... jogs... walk/run... inside Fawkner park, which is just behind the building where I work. I'd like to get my cardio fitness up a bit and trim off a little excess that has found itself around my waist!

On a sad note I wish to pay my respects on the passing of Ahmed Dalvean, the founder of CAPO. As out national president, Damon Hayhow said "He was a passionate Powerlifter and passionate about Powerlifting." That he was indeed and I'll never forget how he befriended me at my first comp and encouraged me as a fledgling into the sport of Powerlifting. RIP Ahmed.

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