Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Welcome 2008

After being a bit indecisive about what to do on NYE I decided to take up Shaza's invitation to have drinks at Neville and Peter's apartment in Eureka tower. The World's tallest residential building.

Here's some pics - we were on level 42 (Eureka Tower is 92 storeys)

Looking down on the Arts Centre

The crowd on Princes Bridge
Yes those specs are people!

The Fireworks

Nice surprise to see Shaza's friend Jo there as well.

No resolutions this year. Just gonna do what I do best. Train hard.


Stu said...

Happy New Year Vicki.

Very cool pics!!!

zf said...

i´ve been "watching" your blog for more than a year and i still almost can´t believe't how you can do so much, from Managing Databases to training and keeping yourself a very beautiful "girl".
happy new year