Thursday, January 24, 2008

Its official

After months of work getting the documentation right I can finally announce the promotion to SENIOR SERGEANT of Constable T-Bear..... Yes he may have skipped a level or two, but that is just to show what a diligent young officer he has been...... Check out those stripes!!

Of course this has resulted in a little jealousy from the other constabulary in the house, in particular one newcomer Constable SOG (Special Operations Group) Bear.... They'll have to reside on separate bedside tables until their dispute is resolved.

As a side note I should also congratulate my sexy boyfriend Leigh on his promotion to Senior Sergeant also :-) You earned it sweetie!

Well last I left off I was heading into the weekend with the pager and as expected, worked much of the weekend. Sunday morning, an early session at Doherty's with Leigh to train biceps, triceps and calves. The extra tricep training each week should help towards a bigger bench press.

Monday evening:
Trained under Leigh's command for squatting and sorted out a problem with my technique. Couldn't find the safety squat bar so made do with some jump squats and low hack squats.

Shaz an Jojo were there again, they're really getting into the boxing - female fight club as Shaz described it while asking if I'd like to join them sometime.

Cleared the decking, washed it down and put the first coat of 'aquadeck', once again managing to blister my knees crawling around the deck. Then took the girls to see '27 dresses'. Tempted as I was to invite Leigh and tell him it was '27 warriers' I left it as a girly outing. Enjoyable fun movie. Then it was off to Jo's place (my Jo, not Shazza's Jojo... confusing huh) and I set her up on facebook while we chatted.

Tonight, I'm heading into Definition for a light bench workout and some high rep back stuff. Right shoulder is still giving me a bit of trouble but I'll get thru it.

Long weekend coming up (not that it make a difference to me as I'm on holidays next week too....) Saturday is the first 'unofficial' adult riders rally of the year and per usual its a Navigation ride to the pub. Its good to catch up with all the ladies after the Christmas break - shame we don't have any men-folk riders.... Sunday will see me out in Sunbury for my niece's two girls birthdays.

Then it all starts over......

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STACKED said...

Your arms are bigger than mine, this is most embarrassing - how do you make them so big!!