Friday, January 04, 2008

Street Orienteering

Wed evening Squat work:
A bit all over the place I'm afraid.....
warmed up with the bar, 2 sets of 10.
40kg 2 x 8
60kg 2 x 6 - Hip started niggling so playing around with much wider stance - almost sumo.
70kg 2 x 5
80kg - Hip still 'iffy' so I put on my squat suit and belt for another 6 sets of 3.

Asked Rhys to come have a look at my form to make sure I am getting depth. Way past parallel - Good.

Straight after my squat workout I took up Louise's suggestion to have a go at street orienteering. With profound vision I chose to do the powerwalking rather than running. I have to admit to cheating for the first couple of control points by following the crown. Once I got the hang of reading the map I was on my way, even venturing into the 100 acres reserve on my own and managing to find a couple of control points by myself AND manage to find my way back out of the reserve! :-) About 55mins total time and 8 control points - 72 points out of 100. When I finally got home, starving and exhausted, I needed to ice my foot which swollen and sort. Louise sent me the link to the results the next day and I came in around mid field for the power wlakers - not bad for a first effort.

Course PW (Score Course)



O'BRIEN, VICKI 0 2 4 2 32 0 32 5 72

Toe recovered well by the next day but my shins are still sore today (Friday!)

Bench training last night - rather warm in the gym, was melting all over the benches.....

Rehab stuff:
Incline rotator: 7.5lb 4 x 10
Seated rotator: 7.5lb 4 x 10

Warm up with bar 2 x 10, 40kg 3 x 5, 50kg 3 x 5, 55kg 2 x 5, 60kg 5 x 3.
Dumbell press: 35's 10 reps, 45's 2 x 8, 50's 6 reps, 45's 3 x 8, 40's 10 reps

T Bar row: 20kg 8 reps, 30kg 8 reps, 40kg 4 x 8, 20kg 8 reps
Chest supp row: 40kg 5 x 8 (varied grip with each set)

O/Head rope ext: 60lb 10 reps, 80lb 10 reps, 100lb 4 x 10
EZbar floor crushers: 30kg 6 sets of 6

Monday night will be squatting with Jason and Mil over at Doherty's. Looking forward to it.

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Casually Me said...

Nice to see you are alive and kicking. Looks like training is continuing, great job.