Monday, August 20, 2007


Well, I fell prey to the Indian cuisine...... somehow I managed to pick up a bug and got really really sick on the Friday night just before I was to leave. The driver took me back to the Taj where I had planned to have dinner but instead found myself violently throwing up in the hotel toilets. I felt a little panicked at the thought of flying in this condition and with only 5 hours before I had to board I seriously contemplated calling the SOS number we're given for emergencies. Anyhoo after I had purged everything from my body all I wanted to do was sleep and so I made my way to the airport, doubled over still in pain and boarded my flight..... I considered asking for an upgrade because I was sick but thought I may end up not being allowed on the flight at all. In the end I slept all the way from Bangalore to Singapore. I was so dehydrated by the time I arrived but still could only manage to sip water - slept again most of the way between Singapore and Melbourne. Zipped thru immigration with my e-passport bypassing the long long queues (suckers!) and into a taxi home..... Remained sick the rest of the weekend with severe stomach cramps and at Leigh's insistence I went to the doctor late in the afternoon on Monday and was prescribed antibiotics....

On this same Monday I had my long awaited appointment with Dr Mark Blackney about the bone spurs on my big toe. This appointment was made 7 months ago. Fortunately my collegue had taken the pager for the afternoon (yes I was carrying the P1 pager the first day back - while sick... such a martyr :-) ) So he check's out my toe and the xray and says I am a good candidate for surgery, there appears to be little degeneration of the joint and prognosis is for a t least 10-15 years of pain free walking/running (and high heels) before any further intervention would be required. Hooray. Next... in with the booking nurse - when do I want this done?? ASAP as I've just finished competing and now off season, get it out the way as early a possible so I can start on my campaign for next years Nationals. In for surgery Tuesday September 4th - overnight stay followed by 1 week complete rest - off work, 2nd week can start getting around (work form home) no driving the car for 2 weeks, and slowing start back at the gym, upper body and slowly work in some light leg work. Unfortunately its general anesthetic so I wont be able to take any pics :-( but if you want to see what the operation entails here a couple of links....



(to be continued.....)

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