Friday, August 24, 2007

Back in the saddle

Quite literally... Worked from home last Monday so that Mojo could finally get shoes on and this weekend is Adult riding club. Feels like forever since I've been or a ride. This weekend we have a special instructor Colleen Kelly for a one hour lesson on posture and position in the saddle. I'm in the second class from 11.30 to 12.30. First lesson will be a combined dressage / low jumping class. Of course I wont be able to ride again for a couple of months after the operation. Madi has a formal pony club rally on the Sunday so Mojo is going to earn his keep this weekend. Busy weekend ahead.

My bodyweight is starting to edge back up a little , up to 68.5kg. Eating well - kindof, but not much of an appetite still. And event ho I'm not in full training I know its important to keep eating right for recovery. Making myself drink more water too - one of my biggest failings is not drinking enough plain ole water. I've also started back on the MAX's pre workout protein powder and I think that's what is helping with my weight and training energy levels. Tonight training hammies, back and shoulders. Leg curls, seated row and overhead press. Quads are still sore from Wed night, once again I didnit go heavy just repped out and got all the muscles moving. Feels a bit weird going to the gym without a proper training plan but what can I do?

Had to cancel my October leave, the AQ training that was canceled in July is now scheduled for the first week of October - the week I'd planned to take off (last week of the school holidays. Bugger.

Creepy..... Phone call form my ex last week - just to say "Hi, how ya doing?" "Hmmmm just fine thanks" He doesn't know I'm seeing someone. That, along with an email from my girlfriend Jo, who is back from visiting her boyfriend Steve in Far North Queensland, saying she's heard that my ex is out and about with another mutual friend who has split with his girlfriend and has come to the realization that he 'f*ucked up' badly and is missing me. . Well too bad... like the saying... "you dont know what you've got 'til its gone...." I am wayyyy gone! And, no, Jo's not pregnant yet but Steve is putting her under a lot of pressure to move up with him later this year. What will I do without my bestest bestest girlfriend ?

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Wobbly man said...

Vicki- hope the toe thing goes ok. What is the wait list and how much movement do you have at the moment>