Wednesday, August 08, 2007

2nd place Open division

3rd place overall - not a bad effort - but not my best. I knew I was in for a hard battle and even Frank Manning had done the numbers for me, pointing out that I was going to need a 400kg total to beat Tegan - a tough call. Managed a 370kg total comprising of a 132.5kg squat and a 157.5kg deadlift - both competition pb's but failed in my benching only getting 80kg in and missing at 85kg for technical reasons - ala not going up evenly and on my last attempt my butt came off the bench - although I didnt feel it...... The judging was very strict - and so it should be at this level. I had my 2nd deadlift attempt, which was passed, taken from me on protest because I failed to return the bar to the floor with control - actually my foot slipped and even tho I held on to the bar, it went down a little fast and I lost my balance.

157.5kg deadlift

132.5kg squat

I'm not able to give much of a report as I was Leigh kept me from seeing a lot of what was going on - in order to focus on what I needed to do rather than what everyone else was doing. I do know that Tegan pulled some great lifts and Maria also made a huge improvement on her squat from last year and setting a new Vic state record of 147.5kg. An impressive effort considering the squat was not her strongest lift last year. Anyway time now to hand my squatting over to Leigh with a 160kg squat set as my target for Christmas.

Got to say a brief hello to a few of the competitors from Queensland that I met last year, Marie White, Michael Trentin and Terence Titus. Frank introduced me to a couple of strong masters ladies he's training and I was pleased to meet one young girl the daughter of one of the Queensland masters ladies, whose name eludes me at this jet lagged state of time, apparently she has also been reading my blog - nice to meet a reader!!

Here I am now in Bangalore India, hence the delayed update. Flew out of Melbourne at 10 am Sunday morning after the comp - 8 hours to Singapore (4 hour stop over ) 4 hours to Bangalore. By the time I arrived at the hotel I had a massive migraine and had trouble sleeping - before I knew it the wake up call was blaring and it was time to head to the office. Crashed out last night from 8.30pm until 6 am this morning. Still feeling somewhat jet lagged as its 10pm here but 2.30 am according to my body clock. I'm off to bed......


Suzy said...

Congrats! They are huge numbers! Not far off that 400kg total at all and you've now got over a 800lb total in competition!

The judging definately sounded tough, but like you say I suppose they have to be a lot stricter at national level.

Still it'll be great to see what you do at christmas and if this new training style with Leigh will work out for you.

Casually Me said...

Great job. Every meet is a learning experience. I still think you over trained a bit at the end. Time to hit the 3 and 4 boards hard, do it raw so you keep a nice groove...and your bench will shoot up. The deadlift sounded like bullshit. It's different if you dropped it, but a slip should not go against you. Keep up the good work, you have been powerlifting for a short time and already seeing great gains.

Casually Me said...

Do you have any videos of your competition squat? I noticed from the pic a couple of things. Your hand placement seems awful wide for your shoulders. It seems like you would not have as much control. The other thing it looks like you were chicken winging it. When you get under the weight, and especially when you are coming up you want your elbows and body to look like a tripod. YOu have to drive those elbows up. Otherwise you end up doing too much of a good morning.