Tuesday, July 31, 2007

All done - bring on the fight.

Weight 68.4. I am confident of making weight (under 67.5) by Friday

I am entered into the toughest division being contested for the women. The Open. There are 5 other Masters women entered into the Masters Division. I am the only (at this time) Master who has entered the OPEN. Pussies!

I believe my closest competitor will be Tegan Colliver-Murray - a formidable light weight, who placed 2nd last year against another masterful light weight Teresa Manning, retired now with a impressive string state and national records and titles. I cannot afford to underestimate Tegan's desire to win this comp and she has the goods, but I am ready for the battle and neither of us will go down without a fight.

As Leigh would say "This is WAR".


Casually Me said...

KICK ASS. The training is over. From all accounts it went really well. Now is the time you or your handler makes sure all the little details are ready. Attempts, seconds, thirds, what if scenarios. Pack your gear, your food. The easy part is the meet. You know the commands, you know the lifts. You own that bitch, speaking of the meet...and time to show that.

Louise said...

Good luck for tomorrow (Saturday)! Like Casually Me said, go kick some arse!!

Suzy said...

Good Luck!!!

Casually Me said...