Thursday, July 05, 2007

I have a plan.......

Final 3 weeks of training is sorted out. Loads more work in the suits - suited squat (max), shirted bench (max and speed) and suited deadlifts (speed). Some band work in the speed sessions but only in supplementals not main. Plenty of core work too. I'm not going to detail it out here just yet. I haven't even put it into a spreadsheet yet.

Dinner last night - Can I remember that far back? Umm oh yeah boiled chicken breast and 1 cup of basmati rice. Oh and I had 2 whole boiled eggs as my late afternoon snack (5pm-ish)

Same old same old (brekky and morning tea)
Lunch - boiled chicken breast and 1 cup rice (yes I know I'm dieting when the food is bland)
3pm I have a Le Rice waiting for me
Before/during training Max's pre workout protein drink.

And before anyone asks... the bland food is for a reason. This is what works for *me*. Eating bland eventually stops me craving other foods and my eating can become mechanical - remember this is a purpose driven diet - not a lifestyle change. So the mainstays of my eating will be: Steak, Chicken, Eggs, Oats, Rice, Vegies / salad (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, onions, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, celery, cucumber, capsicum, mushrooms) If I were doing a bodybuilding show I'd have to cut down my latte's too and have short black's - limited dairy. Thank God I'm a powerlifter!!!

Suzy, I wont be competing at the Raw push/pull in November, however I will be there hopefully in a more official capacity for CAPO or as a helper on the day at least. I've put myself down to be on the committee since Tegan and her Mum Wendy have both stepped down from their official positions - this left the Victorian branch of CAPO without any female representation.

My next comp after the Nationals (should I even be thinking about this now?) is the National Postal Deadlift comp in December. I'm also planning to cut back the no. of comps I enter next year and concentrate on strength development under Leigh's expert guidance.

Me and my Dopod......

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Suzy said...

Well it'll be nice to see you - and I have to admit I'm not upset about you not competing, your lifts have gotten HUGE!
I'll have to catch up and chat with you one day about your suits, shirts etc. After reading your blog I'm not sure if the pain of them is worth it!
But honestly, you've done so well in the last year or so, my lifts have jumped some but my squat still sucks and I'm currently trying to get my bench up. I'm thinking about doing the raw push/pull instead of the novice 3-lift, because then I don't have to squat (yay!).

Anyway, Good Luck at the nationals - you'll do brilliantly!

Casually Me said...

Over training is not your friend. Be careful. Last couple of weeks are NOT going to make you stronger. Work the kinks out of your gear, practice your openers....but don't over train. It is the number one reason folks don't meet their expectations at meets. I know you are going to kick ass, I just can tell that you are a training are training for a goal...not just cause you love the pain, lol.

Casually Me said...

Hey, just started blogging again. Nothing great...just powerlifting stuff. What else is there?

Christine Petty said...

Love the cartoon!

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