Monday, July 16, 2007


Finished packing my desk last Friday. As one of the 'early starters' I was able to collect my new Id badge and parking pass by lunchtime. Everyone had prety much finished by 3pm and rather than hang around for another 3 hours for the CR drinks I decided to head off home and beat the traffic. This meant I was able to train a little earlier - Speed Bench - with my Metal shirt on - you've got to be kidding. Loaded to 70% of max (60kg) Hopelessly trying to push out 3 reps in under 3.5 seconds. Nada chance..... Taking longer than that just o get the bar close to the shirt....

Speed bench this Friday will be shirtless.... no I didn't say topless... Shirtless.... On a positive note I was getting the bar closer to my chest than I was on Monday even with a lighter weight - so tomorrow's ME bench should see me getting the touch at 80kg.

Went to the all female classic INBA show on Sat night. Shaz was judging and so she put my name on the door. 50 competitors and what seemed like 50 divisions.... It bordered on ridiculous with only 3 - 4 competitors in each division. The show was well run etc etc but very drawn out at the end. It was a very mixed bunch of competitors ranging from your 'skun rabbit' to 'ohh was I supposed to diet??' However the final four competitors vying for the 'overall' Miss Figure (or whatever) were actually very good quality competitors.

Caught up briefly with Vicki Lucas who is the promoter for the Bendigo Show next weekend - should be some top Victorian competitors as well as some big Interstate names as well. All will be covered in her Aussie Mag.... HARDCORE MUSCLE Vicki is a tireless worker for the sport - giving it her all and putting on spectacular and entertaining bodybuilding shows.

Shaz introduced me to a friend of hers, Jo, who has moved down from the Northern Territory earlier this year. Jo is getting ready to compete in the IFBB state titles in 13 weeks and is meant to be starting her diet today. We exchanged mobile no's and I'll keep an eye on how she's doing leading up to the comp. Hopefully she'll come along and watch me take the National Powerlifting Title. Shaz is also dieting for the same Body building comp - she will look awesome if she can keep herself well enough (poor girl has has some bad flu's recently and to top it off tore her hamstring a few weeks back.... all on top of moving house - talk about stress!!)

And talk about dieting.... yes I've been good, but to no avail so far..... Still sitting around 69.4 kg and strong as an ox! LOL. Well at least my strength is not suffering. Leigh has suggested I try the MAX's carb block supplement - Hopefully he'll get me a sample to try and has also suggested I get myself some good creatine. I tried creatine once before as a bodybuilder but didnt get much out of it - perhaps a dodgy brand and it was quite a long time ago. So I'll give it another go - It might just be thing to puts me back on the record breaking streak I was on before....

Played around last night at home getting my deadlift suit on - by myself. This is another of Leigh's suggestions, to help me learn the quickest way to get the suit on. I still need to hang off something in order to 'drop' into the suit. Not sure what will be available at the comp, I really need to check in with Webby on that one. So for the remaining couple of weeks I need to practice practice practice getting the suit on. Last night took 17 mins, which is good considering the first time took much much longer.

That brings me to tonight.... M.E. Squat. Tonight I'll be loading up to 95% (125kg).

Food Diary:

7am porridge (oats n eggwhites) and supplements
10am Apple
2pm Steak and veggies
4pm Le rice (apple)
5pm MAX's Pre workout (will take some of this to replenish while doing the big squats)
Dinner tonight - Chicken in green light green peppercorn sauce and vegies.

Gotta find time after training to 'pre-pack' some lunches for work. Grilled chicken and veggies / boiled chicken and salads. That way I wont have to think about what I'm eating each day.....
Will likely cut out the pre-training LeRice after tomorrow's M.E. Bench.

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