Monday, July 02, 2007

Wiped out

The weekend was a disaster zone - paged from the minute I went on call right up to the last minute - both days. I feel totally exhausted and still have another 5 days to go.... (this will mean I have worked 12 days without a break. The wonderful life of a nerd....

Oh an important piece of advice for all you lifters out there.... If you get a pair of squat boots - wear the bloody things..... Forgot to take them last Thursday for my speed squat session and had to make do with runners. Oh boy did I ever notice the difference, thought my feet were going to rollout the sides - ick!!!

Today is 32 days to the comp - 31 days to the weigh-in.... Day 1 of d... di... dieting - arrghhhh!!
Already I am starving and I havent eaten any less yet! Actually its not so much of a 'diet' as a 'clean eating' aka no chocolate, muffins, cakes and other sugar laden yummies. Need to drop 3kg in 4 weeks and want to do it without compromising my energy or strength. Complex carbs to replace the simple carbs and plenty of lean meat - Of course the week in India will present a challenge.....

Tho'... India is a bit up in the air right now... the instructor, from Scotland, who was to be there this week to teach the first run of the course, well he umm hasn't made it into the country yet.... seems he didn't know that he needed a visa and was denied entry into India at the airport and sent back home. So I have to wait and see if the Instructor can get a visa quickly this week AND get a flight at short notice.

Tonight I have to squeeze myself back into the deadlift suit - just as my fingers are starting to heal...... but I'm looking forward to it - hoping it will be a little easier and therefore have a little more energy to hang on to the bar.

To keep myself honest I am going to publish what I am eating.... Note: if I'm doing well I will reward myself at the weekends with some indulgence....

6am coffee
7am 1/2 cup oats, 2 egg whites, tsp almonds, tblsp dried fruit - coffee, 1 multivitamin, 1 glucosamine and 3 fish oils - Hereafter know as the 'supplements'.
9.30am banana & apple
12.00pm Steak and vegies
2.30pm LeRice
5pm (will have Max's pre-workout protein shake)

to be continued........


Louise said...

lol, were you including coffee in the "supplements" group?

Christine Petty said...

Hey, reference the finger scabbing from getting the suit on-- I spent $5 on a pair of Atlas fitting gloves to put my lifting partner in her bench shirt. My hands have never felt better!