Tuesday, July 03, 2007


The trip to India is 'postponed' until September. Even then, management is going to see if the instructor can be brought here to Melbourne as we can probably dig up enough people to warrant having the training here. Suits me fine. This way I can train through without any interruption. Still have the other training to attend on August 6 in Bangalore tho.

Since I am not expected in the office I have put in for a few days leave next week - just to chill out, do a few me things like get my hair cut and colored again - get the red fighting tips put back in, go to the movies and depending on the weather, get some work in the garden done ie shifting mulch and mowing the 1/2 acre up the back.

Squoze.... (errr past tense of squeeze) myself into the deadlift suit again- without damaging myself this time - timed it - 20 mins. Only had one helper.... I think John and Danny deliberately didn't train last night. Yes Christine, a pair of gloves would be a great investment!. Worked up to my 1 rm. Topped at 155kg (341lb) but could not get it locked out and I think this is more to do with it being sumo style. Will have to do some more web research on lifting sumo. But at least there is no problem with getting it off the floor!! I can work on lockouts by doing partials in the squat rack. Need to start practicing squats and benching in my equipment too. Hopefully Leigh will be able to help me out if I head over to Doherty's to train.


Dinner last night small amount of chicken ravioli and napolitana sauce - followed by a steak

7am Porridge - same deal as yesterday and supplements (yes Louise that includes the coffee - essential vitamin C (Caffeine) )
10am Apple and Banana

12.00 Chicken and Rice

1.00pm More chicken and rice (still hungry)

3.30 Le rice

5.30 Pre workout protein drink

Tonight - ME Bench


Suzy said...

Hey Vicki - Not sure if you've read these articles on deadlifting;




Great lifts BTW - very inspiring! Can't wait to see what you do at the nationals!

Casually Me said...

Big numbers for you, big numbers coming up....I can't wait to see how you do. No meet here until Nov., so I have to get my meet fix vicariously....