Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bench Bitch

FINALLY !!! A positive outcome on my max bench night. Got the bar to touch wearing the metal shirt and pumped out 2 singles at 8okg.... and they flew up!!! Would have to go down as one of my best bench nights in ages.....

Reverse grip bench 60kg 3x10
Overhead rope ext
100lb 3x10

Lying bench rows
170lb 3x10

Seated rear delt (light)
12.5lb 3x12 - purely to flush the rear delts.

For every great event there is an equally poor event - thus the balance of the universe is kept....

In other words.... I bombed on Monday night with my squat. 110 for 3 reps was a breeze. Then I bumped it to 125kg (95% of max) for 3 singles..... Darren (who works at the gym) spotting me. Down, up, rack - happy. Next single lost balance on the way down, recovered, went deep, started up and lost it, Darren wasnt able to catch me and so I had to dump the bar behind me before crashing to the floor and jamming my hand between the rack and the bar. Bruised knuckle.... bruised ego.... Cant blame Darren for not catching me tho', he's a lanky cricketer and I guess not ready to catch an almost 200kg ball! With that I moved on to the supplemental excercies.

Dumbell sumo squats off the boxes.
80lb 3x10

Good mornings (light)
40kg 3x10

Uneven barbell bends
25kg 3x6

Food Diary:

Porridge etc..


Boiled chicken and Salad

Fruit and nut bar health bar (was in my welcome pack for the new offices - along with 2 chocolates which I have not eaten - stashed in my drawer which Leigh says I should surrender, to him I think was the implication.... )

Le rice (apple)
Max's post workout drink (as I had to run out the door for a VCE subject selection info night at the school for Madii)

Steak and little bit of chicken ravioli


Porridge etc

Banana boiled Chicken & salad
Apple & mandarin
no training tonight)

dinner.... undecided

The move to the new building has gone well and we've all settled into our tiny boxes. One poorly received comment from a colleague was "We look like a really professional call centre now" SHYTE!!! Included in the afore mentioned welcome pack was a $3 coffee card with which we get to keep the mug and of course I did and a loyalty card - so every 6th one is free. Yay. Nice coffee too - very strong, just what I need in the morning. The owner(?), Shaun, was pretty keen to introduce himself and remembered both my name an my order this morning (latte, no sugar right?). The barista even pointed out the cute little love heart he drew in my mug after I asked about their latte art skills! LOL. So I'll give them a plug here... Aromatic Espresso. Nice cakes, slices and savory things too.... (drool......) I'm allowed to look!!!


Casually Me said...

315 is her shirted bench. Yes, get a spray bottle and wet the sleeves. This will allow you to touch. Get em good and wet, but you don't have to soak them.

Casually Me said...

Also...GLAD TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR BENCH. It is kind of cool when these things come together correctly.