Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Yes, I've been keeping to my diet.... no chocolate has passed my lips.....
current weight - 69.5kg

Pre training meal - steak, potato and green stuff (yuck)

Trained arms with Leigh Sunday afternoon - something different, mostly light stuff with just enough weight to get some benefit. Cant afford to over do it with my dodgy elbow problems. Then off for a latte - He's been away this week on a kids camp - I was supposed to be in India....
Hmmm I miss him....

Monday - ME Squat day. Suited up and worked to a 115kg max for 3 reps. This is 85% of my best and I was not supposed to go any heavier. Felt pretty cruisy at that weight. Dirk watching from the other side of the room - still says I need to watch my depth. Problem is I feel like I'm deep enough and the between the suit and knee wraps its hard to get lower. Followed up with dumbell sumo squats off the high boxes and good mornings. Struggled with the GM's as it was taxing my lower back.

Tuesday - ME Bench. Used the Metal shirt - again the intention was to work up to a 3 rep max at 85% however with only 75kg I could not get the bar down to my chest. I'll talk to Shaz about using her denim shirt instead.... Supplemental work included lying rows, reverse grip press, overhead rope tricep press and dumbell rear delt work.

Now its Wednesday already and back to work tomorrow.... have just returned from having a remedial massage - my neck gets very bunched up with the benching - This afternoon taking the girls to see Harry Potter.

Friday is our last day in the current offices and we have to pack our desks into 3 small boxes - I guess this is to force us to throw out stuff as the new office has smaller desks and there simply wont be the room!! Friday night drinks with the cool runners - just a quick diet coke for me.


Tom - Point taken on the over training.... Blog URL ???
Christine - Tagged! Will have to think about my response..... (thinking hurts....)
Suzy - The dates have changed for the raw comp...... This is a bugger too - its the same date as my daughters Deb Ball..... and my other daughters Birthday.

Sat 27 October RAW Push/Pull Titles and Novice Comp
VENUE: St. Paul’s College, Altona Nth

Right-o Time to eat..... ------------------->
mmmmmm Latte......

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