Wednesday, July 04, 2007

ME Bench

Try as I might, benching just doesn't come easy.

Floor press. 40kg x 8 50kg x 8 60kg x 6 65kg x 4 70kg x 2 75kg x 2 80kg x 1 82.5kg - failed

Dirk was in the gym training and watching while I did the last few and pointed out that I was flaring my elbow out and per Sharon's nagging... I am still not bringing the bar far enough over. Had a play around on the bench with just the bar, correcting my technique, before moving on with the rest of my training.

California press 15kg on the bar (not sure what the curly bar weighs) 3 x 10
Floor skull crushers 20kg on the bar 3 x 10 (speed work)
2-part pull down 100lb 3 x 10
Side raises 20lb 3x10

Dinner: Sweet&sour chicken with rice -> coffee -> bed

same as last 2 days.....
lunch - left over chicken and rice from last night.

bugger just realized that I have no mid afternoon snack....
(ok - managed to prise an apple off one of the support guys..... guess I have to be nice next time he asks for assistance or logs a bug....)

Tonight - no training per say but will have a sit down discussion to plan the final 3 weeks training into the comp.


Hey Suzy, thanks for dropping by - will you be over for the Nationals?? Thanks for the deadlift article links.... I started to read one but its quite long so I've printed them off for some bed time reading. Perhaps I can con Leigh into reading them to me like bedtime stories at the weekend.

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Suzy said...

Hey Vicki - nope won't be over for the nationals. I'm hoping to come over for the Novice meet in November though! Hopefully see you there.
The articles are good - I've got some more by Dave Tate for squatting and benching - I printed them out too, easier to read that way.