Monday, August 27, 2007

Equine Flu

72 hour lock down - fortunately for me the lockdown started after Adult riding club had finished - although the usual social gathering at the clubhouse was cut short as we were informed that all horses had to be back in their home paddocks by 3pm. Madi was not impressed at pony club being canceled the next day but understanding the seriousness of the outbreak its best to be safe than sorry. Anyway it was back to basics - trot poles, serpentines and standing in the saddle at a trot - great inner thigh workout!!!

One more week to the toe op, so I'll make the most of this week's training - back in squat rack tonight going deep with a light weight - 60kg 4sets of 8 reps. Probably my cardiovascular will give out before my quads! Leg press & hamstring curls 4 sets and finish up with 4 sets of 25 on the leg extension.

Wobbly-man: Movement is moderately restricted, I am unable to do any calf work and its now at the point where its painful to walk even in flat shoes. The surgeon said it was better to get it done now while the prognosis for a full recovery is likely - ie the joint has not yet degenerated (too much anyway) although he covered himself by saying that he wont know the full extent of degeneration until he open up the toe. The wait list was 7 months to get an initial appointment with the surgeon and normally about 6-8 weeks after that for surgery. However the booking nurse got me in a little quicker (3 weeks) when I explained that I had just finished competing and needed to get it over with in order to have an uninterrupted training schedule for next year. They seem pretty sensitive to sporting/training requirements. I'll post an update on coolrunning too as I know there were a few others also suffering from this problem that might be interested in knowing my progress / result.

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2P said...

Wow - you have been busy - hope the recovery goes well.