Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back in the gym

At last well enough to train and so following Leigh's advise I went in to train arms only. Only light but they were sore the next day - I guess thats what happens when you take time off - even a short time.

Given that in 2 weeks I'm gonna be laid up I'll just spend the time working thru the muscle groups and keeping everything moving and its a good opportunity to do things I havent done for quite some time. Tonight some leg work - leg extensions, leg press and some calf work and Friday back shoulders and hammies.

According to Webby I have a participation medal, a trophy and a bucket of oats waiting for me from the nationals - yay oats! LOL.

Today in the mail I received a bunch of state record certificates in the masters division, in particular one from the Nationals for the Deadlift state record at 157.5kg - still just a smidge away from the Open state record that Shazza holds at 165kg. I plan to topple that in December - its so close I can almost taste it. Shaz has mentioned getting a team of us girls to compete - it would be great to see her compete again.

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