Friday, August 10, 2007


Thursday night.....

I check out tomorrow morning and this has been a long week. By tomorrow afternoon we will have crammed 8 days of training into 5 days. I've been arriving at the office at 8.30 am and not leaving until 6 - 6.30 ish with very few breaks and little coffee..... Siteseeing this time is at an all time low, the evening rush hour is literally that - what takes 15 mins in the morning to get to the office turns around to be an hour or more to get back to the hotel.

As with last time I was here I am fascinated by the amount of 'livestock' roaming around the main roads. This morning 2 baby goats were butting heads on the side of the road. The bigger one was trying to push the little into the on coming traffic - typical kids (LOL - get it... kids... baby goats.... forget it)

The food here is wonderful, except that I may have over done the curries the other day - after dieting so strictly to then bombard my system with curries and spices.... well lets just say my tummy hasn't been too happy - but that doesn't stop me.

Chicken curry and..... A wheat thing stuffed with potato

Its been great catching up with my BDE counterparts here and meeting the new members of the team and meeting up with familiar faces from my previous trip. I've been very well looked after here by my collegues and the hotel staff who have all been out running errands for me while I've been stuck in the office. Sathya found a couple of the Indian Soda bottles - Codd's for me to take back - apparently not so easy to get in Bangalore any more.

Tuesday night, the hotel security guy, Arun, organized an appointment with the Deputy Commissioner of Police, here in Bangalore so that I could swap some Victoria Police badges for Bangalore ones for Leigh. So... I was put into the hotel car along with one of the hotel staff to escort me to the police station. Its not like walking into a police station back home let me tell you. Guards with rifles at each entrance and outside the Commisioners office. After bit of chat I handed over a few of the badges Leigh had given me and he promised to get his assistant to take some badges over to the hotel the next day...... Nothing arrived.... Arun made some more calls and they kept promising to send the badges by 8.30..... Nothing.... Next message is they'll send them tomorrow..... I get to the hotel tonight after work.... Nothing..... Another call is made and about 30 mins ago 3 Bangalore police badges were delivered to my room. :-)

Myself and the Deputy Commisioner of Police

Well time now for me to relax and watch another episode of 'The Shield' before I hit the hay. BTW.... This will be the last update until I return to Melbourne at the weekend.

Lunch at the Sahib Sindh Sultan restaurant

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Richard said...

Hey Vicky,

Notice your blogg on a google search.

I'm from London - currently in Thailand.. my lifting is suffering as no decent gyms around here.

I'm planning on moving to India for a few months (probably up North) and would like to train at a powerlifting gym.

Do you know how I can find powerlifting gyms in India - Can't seem to find much on the net..

Many thanks