Friday, August 31, 2007

Remedial massage Wed afternoon concentrating on back shoulders and chest. Something I need to do is get my chest more open, its so tight that at the end of the massage I come away very sore and bruised. Wed night trained chest and shoulders with some difficulty as the massage has also stirred up a rear delt injury (right side).

Light dumbells at 35lb for 5 sets of 8, painful but easy enough.
Incline dumbells 35lb 4 sets of 8
Bench press in the rack (partials) 45kg 4 sets of 8
Shoulder press (pyramid) 80x10 100x10 120x8 110x10 (this also hurt my rear delt)
Front raises 15lb 4sets of 8
Seated rear dumbell flyes 10lb

Last day in the office for 2 weeks - although not my last working day as I'm oncall over the weekend - blah!

Reviewed the post-op documents from the surgeon. General anaesthetic and a nerve block for my right leg which apparently will last 6-8 hours after the operation "for pain management" and an overnight stay in hospital. I think that's a hint as to how painful this is going to be afterwards. 7 days with leg elevated on a couple of pillows to help reduce the swelling which apparently may take 6 weeks to fully subside. After 7 days I am allowed light walking and I have to wear a post operative shoe for 4 weeks. Now, I ran into (not literally) one of the guys from work who has been off due to snapping his achillies tendon and he is wearing post-op boot and his comment was that the boot is not the same height as any of his shoes so he is lop sided which in turn is putting a lot of pressure on his other leg - note to self - find a show that will match the post op shoe (in height at least). I somehow think that I will not be making a fashion statement. His once piece of advice (which he did not follow and has suffered as a result) was to KEEP THE FOOT ELEVATED. Seems this is an important part of recovery. Am I getting nervous? Hell yeah! but that's just between you an me right! Anyway the long term benefit will outweigh the short term pain (as intense as it may be).

Started preparing my environment for the upcoming disablement - re-arranged the bedroom, brought up the TV from the rumpus room (bloody thing was heavy - awkwardly so), brought a book to read (which I've almost finished - whoops better get another one), giving Madi a refresher course on the art of latte making since she will be the chief barista whilst I am confined to bed. Made arrangements for one of her friends to take her dance lessons (for the upcoming debutante ball) Hoping the pager will be reasonably quiet so I can do some things around the house and prepare some meals to make it easier on the girls while they look after me - and themselves (and so I don't end up eating junk.....). Taking Monday as annual leave for any last minute running around and final leg training session for a while.

I'll try to get another post in before the op and and some 'before' pics like me standing on 2 feet. :-)


Casually Me said...

Good luck Vicki. Remember, most of these type surgeries turn out well. Haha. Kidding, it will be fine. Of course I don't know that, but assume I do. Take care.

Anonymous said...

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