Saturday, September 08, 2007

I am alive !!

Had my operation last Tuesday. The Doc was happy with the result. The nerve block was bliss - no pain, however it lasted a little longer than expected and that delayed my release from hospital until Wednesday afternoon.

Once the nerve block wore off I was on mild pain killers (digesic) and Ibuprofen (bugesic) which I was alternating every 2 hours to keep the pain at bay. This worked quite well.

The girls have taken good care of me, Madi mastered the art of latte making and Leigh's been over to visit a few times, even bringing Oden the wonder dog on Friday and helping me to get down the stairs and out onto the decking for a bit of fresh air and sunshine. I'm making pretty good progress now but I am keeping my foot elevated as much as possible

Walking around does take its toll tho'

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2P said...

Ouch - that last shot is a shocker...

Glad to hear you came through it ok Vicki.