Monday, September 24, 2007

Best laid plans....

Been a while since I updated.....

Email offering a free shirt arrived the other week and being a sucker for such things I read on.... Corporate games participants get a free Oracle Shirt..... I want one! So checkout all the different sports on offer.... tennis, badminton, poker???, running - ahhhh 5 or 10k run. Thinking this could be a great motivator to rehab my foot I put my name down for the 5k run..... Then a planned post op visit to have my stitches removed (ow ow ow), bandaged up with waterproof coverings and then into the physios's room, where any thoughts of running were quickly dissipated...... a subtle reminder from Simon "you've just had surgery on your foot - no running for at least another 10 weeks - you can go a for a long walk at about the 6 week mark say 1/2 an hour...." Set some exercises for me - bending the toe up to get the range of movement back and have to try to walk as 'normally' as possible. Next physio appt is this Friday.

Finally this week I can get out of the 'spastic shoe'. Recommended footwear for the next 3 months..... runners (no way!!!), sports sandals (yuck) or Crocs - well the best of bad bunch - hopped online to and ordered a pair of purple crocs.

Physio has given me the ok to start training upper body however the deadlift comp in December is looking a bit doubtful. I am recovering quite well I think and have managed to get out a little with Leigh taking me to the movies the other week and weekend just gone I reffed at the novice bench press comp (my fist reffing!!!) Prior to the bench press was the strongman comp which I managed to see the tail end of.... different..... and I finally picked up my trophy, medal and bucket of oats from the nationals.

Sunday was a surprise party at my sisters place for her 60th birthday coming up later this week. All the family was there, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and their children too.... Introduced Leigh to my family, fortunately Leah's boyfriend Andrew is also new to the clan so Leigh wasn't the only 'newbie' at the do! :-) It all went off pretty well, lots of food and a pretty relaxing afternoon. I really need to get back in the gym!!! LOL

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