Monday, October 22, 2007

My next challenge

Poker. Yep, having my first lesson on Thursday and then I'm up for the corporate games poker at crown casino - Joe Hachem make room at the table - LOL

Physio appt last Friday was less than encouraging. Foot is more swollen than expected and not from the squatting or partial deadlifts but rather I am doing too much walking and not enough elevation. So a concerted effort at the weekend saw my foot a little less swollen. Appears that my body is also rejecting the 'dissolving stitches' as I mentioned I had pulled a stitch from my toe and now the other end of the scar keeps weeping - yuck! Anyway I have my followup visit with the Surgeon next week so I can raise this and the issue of calf cramps.

My training to date has been a bit erratic. I've managed two squat sessions, the first being 2 sets of each front squats, regular squats and zercher squats all with only 40kg and I found that although the front squats were hard on my front delts I actually squatted well and pushed with my heels taking the pressure off the front of my foot. Last week I kept to just the front squats and some tried some partial deadlifts at 100kg. The physio has given me the go ahead to increase the weight by 10%, a short more intense heavier training session is preferable to a long drawn out session. Tonight I'm back in the gym for a third squat session, I'm still confused about my training regime. Leigh has been a little to busy to guide me and has suggested I go back to Dirk to work out my training. To be honest I'm a little disappointed.... well frustrated is probably more like it. I hate being tethered back and already I feel like I've lost ground - I know I have! Perhaps Leigh is right, I should sit down with someone and write out a plan to give me some focus. At the moment I go to the gym, start training and make it up as I go along which doesn't seem to be very productive.

In my otherwize nerdy life last week I installed 2 new oracle databases on two test machines and set up a streams environment to play with and to be used for Streams bug testcases..... got bored with that by Thursday and after looking around our internal site I found a new Oracle connector for Microsoft outlook. Downloaded it and installed yippee I was able to finally connect my Dopod to our mail system AND still see my calender appts and contacts.... That was until I rebooted and it all went south for the winter..... So here it is Monday morning and I'm still trying to re-install Outlook (for the 3rd time....) The install is taking all my available bandwidth on my laptop and I cant even get to the bug database - I've had to restort to writing this blog update in notepad!! Crap.

Today I have 'Meet and Mingle' morning tea at 10am.... Now that we've moved to the new building and were are all together management thinks its a good idea for us to get to know our colleagues (we used to be in 2 separate buildings...) Well, its a free latte and muffin..... and probably my Outlook install will still be running.....

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James said...

Ya silly bugger you :)
Look after that foot and TAKE YOUR TIME!