Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Road to recovery

Gentle leg and bicep workout last Thursday

Leg extensions 4 sets, 60, 12 reps
Leg curls 4 sets, 30, 12 reps
Seated good mornings 4 sets, 40kg, 10 reps

Dumbbell curls - 4 sets ,30lb, 8 reps
Single arm preacher curls, 3 sets, 25lb, 8 reps
Cable curls, 20, 25,30 - 10 reps

Physio Friday - Stuart is happy with my progress and swelling is as expected (still) next visit is in 3 weeks and just prior to that I should be able to squat at 30% of my usual training weight (not one-rep max). So when the time comes I'll try out around 30 - 40kg and ease back into it.

Saturday afternoon, drove to Queenscliff with Leigh (and Oden the wonder dog). Nice latte at one of the cafe's, a walk along the beach and then very casual dinner (fish and chips) back at the beach - very relaxing afternoon - away from the footy crowds.

Handed over my car to Leah on Sunday - the lease had ended and she opted to buy the car for the residual. For now I'm driving the truck to work while I source a new car for myself. Test drove a little Mazda 2 Genki last week - neat little car, very zippy and will be heaps more economical for driving to work each day.

This week I'm on an Internal training course at work (long hours) which mean I get home very late.... and haven't made it to the gym so far.

Mojo caught his head in the wire fence and the vet had to be called - so poor boy is back on penicillan and anti-inflamms. We were planning to go down t0 he beach this weekend.... We'll have to see how he is Friday and get sheepskin cover on his bridle.

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