Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What a week(end)

Lets start back at last Thursday.... When I picked up my new car!!!!!! Cute little Mazda 2 Genki. No more driving the beast to work.

Saturday was nothing short of hectic with prepartions for Madi's deb ball. Make up, hair, final adjustments to the dress - she looked llike a princess. I donned the low heel shoes and hobled into Rembrants with Leigh's help..... Sunday morning slept in a little and while Leigh went off to get the Sunday papers I cooked up some omelettes .... pretty much spent a relaxing day together which was great after all the stress and running around leading up to the deb.

Have manged to get my squatting back to Monday nights...
Box Squat - warmed up on 40kg, then 5 sets of 8 reps at 60kg and finshed of 2 sets of 3 at 80kg
Zercher squat - 50kg 4 sets of 8
Leg extentions - 40, 50, 60, 70, in sets of 14 -> 10 reps

Left it there as my foot had been quite sore over the weekend. Iced and elevated when I got home.

Tuesday, Physio and post op surgeon visit.... Stuart has suggested more stretching exercises for the calf cramps otherwise he is happy with the progress - another 3 weeks of maintenance training and all going well I should be able to start on back heavy training again.

Then into my review with Mark Blackney. The pain and swelling is as expected at this stage and now is the time to start pushing the toe a bit more. Scar tissue has built up and now is the time to start breaking it down - the healing is at a point where I should be able to do this. He has also prescribed a strong arthritis drug, Mobic, to help reduce the pain and inflammation while I work the toe harder, even suggesting that I can start a very light running programme.

Researched a little about Mobic (Meloxicam) on the internet - seems to be quite a potent drug, with some risks attached. Almost in the same category as Vioxx which has been taken off the market. But WOW it works - today I am walking like a normal person.... Its a miracle... I CAN WALK. :-)

Trained last night as well....

Bench 40kg x8, 50kg x8, 60kg x6 (5 sets) then went for a 1 rep max of 70kg (with a little help) Pleased with that given the break I've had from heavy training.
Dumbells 40lb x12, 50lbx8, x6, x6, 45lb x8
Floor tricep press 40lbx12 50lbx8 (3 sets)
Overhead rope 10 reps at each of 60, 70, 80 90, 100
Calf stretches - Per physio's instructions

More Pics from the Deb.......

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