Friday, November 02, 2007

Deadlifts - Off the floor!

Conventional deadlift - Warmed up with 60kg for 10 reps
80x8, 100x6 (3 sets) 120kg x 2 (1 conventional and 1 sumo), 100kg x 6 (3 sets)
Barbell Hypers - 30kg 4 sets of 8 - Needed Reece to hand the bar over for each set.
Bicep curls - 20lb x12, 25lbx10 (2 sets) 30lb x8 (2 sets)

My hands have become so soft. Gripping the bar for the deadlifts was hard, I need to develop the callouses again, I could feel the ridges on the bar ripping my hands....

Out for a few drinks tonights at Cafe Equesta - just across the road from work. 2 colleagues are leaving - Darren, whom I mentored years back.... and Claudia. Must keep in touch with them. (Particularly Darren as he's going to work for Sun Microsystems.... I wouldn't mind working there myself..... hehehe)

Of note too across the road (and down a bit...) is the Victoria Police Headquarters.... Yummmm. Nice lot of eye candy out the front there other day whist I was on the tram heading into the city..... Ahhh such is my fetish for men in uniform. ;-)

Boyfriend is away this weekend and so I'll use this time to catchup a few things that have been on my 'to do' list for some time. I really want to do another spring clean of the house and chuck out some stuff thats just been jammed in the cupboards. If the weather picks up at all there's a little bit of gardnening to be done (weeding etc) and both the new car and truck need a wash. I also want to indulge in some 'me' time - read my book, watch some video's etc maybe even take time to get some new photo's for the blog.....

P1 pager next week - yuck!

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Casually Me said...

Wanna have some fun with training? Ever heard of Tyler grips? Makes every bar a fat bar. Great for grip training. has them. Good stuff. I am on a 2 week hiatus after bombing out of a meet for being stupid. The deal is I was not that upset, and am enjoying the non-lifting a lot more than I thought I would.