Monday, November 05, 2007

Photo time

Yes, at last, some new pics.... Some of which I'll be sending to Andy at AMG later in the week.

Crap - I hope this chair doesn't break

Just me

Do my triceps look big in this top?

Friday night drinks after work.... Interesting conversation with the manager in Education, any time I'm interested in joining them..... Plus Darren has asked me to send my resume when he gets back from Singapore - his first assignment working for SUN. Not sure I'm ready to make the quantum leap out of Oracle just yet. I'm still to travel around Europe on my long service leave!

Weekend alone, Leah and Andrew went camping and got drowned in the heavy downpour and Madi has gone to Philip Island with Fiona and her parents. Went wandering around the shops on Saturday afternoon and picked up this new top. What do you think?

Working hard at home

Working from home today, on pager... same tomorrow for the public holiday for Melbourne Cup. Makes it a little easier to get to training early - tonight -> squats.

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Casually_me - good point, some grip training wouldnt go astray!


Stu said...

Hey Vicki, thanks for the comments on my blog today! I hope you have settled in the new building and take advantage of the grass at Fawkner Park for your return to the ruuning community!

Take it easy and I hope the gym is being kind to you too!

EL MUDO said...

the top make your arms look greeeeaaat