Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Physio all clear

Had my final visit to the physio this morning and got the all clear. Stuart is happy with my progress and I have 60 degree movement in the joint. Need to keep up the mobilization work at home at least until Christmas. He noted that I had quite a build up on the scar in a couple of places, in particular near the toe joint. To prevent further scar build up and to reduce the existing scar Stuart has taped along the scar. I am to keep the scar covered 23 hours a day for the next 2 - 3 months, only removing the tape to massages the scar and then shower. I have another appointment with the surgeon, Mark Blackney, next week.

Deadlifts last week were again very strong. with a max lift of 120kg conventional and 130kg sumo.

Monday night squatting.

Squat: warm up - bar 12 reps, 40kg 8 reps x2, 60kg 8 reps x2, 80kg 6 reps, 90kg 4 reps, 100kg 3 reps x 2, 110kg 2 reps.

At 110 I had my old, larger, squat suit on with the straps down.

Per last week I worked on driving up under the bar. Set the bar on the low cross rails - just below parallel when under the bar and 40kg total.

Drive ups: 6 reps easy. Added another 10kg and struggled to move it, managed 1 rep finally. Dropped 5kg (45kg) and drove up another 3 sets of 6reps.

Leg press: 100kg 12 reps, added another 50kg but found this was putting too much pressure on the ball of my big toe and so dropped back to 100kg again and pushed out 3 sets of 12 reps, wide stance, knees to ears.

Quads were quite touchy on Tuesday! Just how I like 'em!

Tuesday night benching.

Yay, got into the gym a little earlier than usual and was able to snaffle the bench.

Bench Press:
warm up
- bar 12 reps x2, 40kg 5reps x2,50kg 5 reps x2, 55kg 5 reps, 60kg 5 reps x2 & 4 reps x2

Next week I'll drop back to 50kg and go for 8 sets of 8.

Over head tricep press: warmups then 4 sets or 12 reps at 100

Lying dumbell press: 30kg 4 sets of 6

Rope/face pulls: 70 4 sets 10 10

Tonight - rest...... maybe........ maybe not........ maybe shoulders and biceps.....

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