Tuesday, June 01, 2010

June 1, 2010 (happy birthday Mum, RIP)

Well, 15 minutes in hell. That's what an MRI is. Not for the claustrophobic! After strapping my arm down and giving me a panic button in the other hand, the radiologist put a face washer over my eyes so I couldn't see that the top of the machine was only a few cm's from my face. He held my ankle as I was conveyed into the tunnel and waited until I was breathing ok before letting go and leaving the room. 15 minutes. An eternity, buried alive.

The result? Well lots of things going on in the shoulder, some that have been there for some time and confirmed the physio's and Sports' Doc diagnosis of a SLAP tear.

Summary from the MRI report:

Large glenohumeral joint effusion and prominent synovitis. Evidence of prior anterior macro-instability episde with a GLAD lesion, prominent subchondral cystic change within the inferior gleniod and a displaced osseous fragment. Anterior oedema suggests a further recent anterior periosteal stripping/anterior capsular injury.
Chronic SLAP tear.
Subscapularis tendinosis and anterior supraspinatus tendinosis. Small delamination tear superior insertional fibres of subscapularis.

So, what next? you ask, well I have been referred to a shoulder specialist and after initially being told it would be late July early August before I could get an appointment, the clinic called today to see if I could come in this Friday. Done! Ben's referral must have done the trick :-)

In the meantime, training must continue... around the sore shoulder, plenty of rehab, therabands, and rotator cuff work. So I still turn up for training at 6.30 am, works good for Saturdays so I can nick around to my Dads place after training, he's just 10 minutes down the road, and I can spend some time with him, he's not too well, and let my sister get to work without worrying about Dad being on his own while she's out. I must remember to pack some brekky and lunch tho' next week. Maybe a protein drink too......

Monday hit a PB squat, kinda... well I didn't realize it at the time. Was doing box squats and when Martyn asked what my max was last time and said 200kg. When it got up to 160kg I struggled and failed my first attempt, got the 2nd and failed the third. So he made me do 2 sets of 5 at 120. Was beating myself up all day, why was my squat so lousy? Then it dawned on me that I hadn't done straight box squats at Apollo before. Previously I'd done heavy box squats with chains the 200kg but it was a reverse band box squat that I'd done at 200kg ! Therefore 160kg in half suit was actually a PB. Didn't feel so bad then!

Last week at weightlifting I learned to do full cleans, as opposed to power cleans. ie. pull the bar up onto my collarbones and squat down and up like a front squat. So much fun, especially since I cant do any overhead pressing at the moment. Still really enjoying this extra-curricular activity, tho' it might be a while before I'm able to step up and compete. We'll see....


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