Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 19, 2011

Thought I'd try something different last night....  Bikram Yoga

Packed class, room was dark and just slightly warm as I entered and found myself a spot.   Few minutes later: lights: On, Furnace setting: Depths of Hell...  An hour and a half of yoga in a sauna.I was praying for it to end... one newbie, not coping too well with the heat tried to leave.  Uh-uh.. no leaving, she just had to lay on her mat and wait.... Showing my total lack of flexibility and balance I muddled my way thru the class and in the end was thoroughly drenched  -  literally it was like I had wet my pants!  Got home for a shower and struggled to get my gym top off, as if I don't have enough trouble getting tops off with my bad shoulder, it was glued to me soaked in sweat!

On the plus side, this morning I felt pretty good and weight was down to 64kg.  Maybe I can persist with this once a week I might actually make my new weight class!

Although.... as far as competing goes, I'm really feeling like Nationals is slipping away.  Tried benching with a shirt 2 weeks ago and it was a disaster.  Worked up to 60kg double raw, put on my training shirt and tried 70kg...  Bah-boww... couldn't lift it - pain shot thru the arm and it was like the nerve had been compressed and shut down the arm.  Tried twice...  failed twice.  Took the shirt off and put on a slingshot and got 2 doubles at 70kg.  My only option may be to do a raw bench at Nationals, bringing my total down by at least 30kg  :-(


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