Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14, 2009

This may or may not be the last update before nationals. No promises...

Whinge mode = on.
Had to re-submit my quarterly whereabouts after discovering that:
a) ASADA will not ask for me by name at reception and
b) Oracle will not escort them to my desk without first calling me.

Catch-22. So my workplace is not suitable for my 1 hour per day anchor. I'm hoping this mass update doesn't trigger some alert in their database. Anyhoo its a damn shame 'cos the office really is the best place to locate me :-(
Whinge mode = off.

Now, on to Nationals. Last of the heavy sessions completed on Sunday with me being squished with 145kg - quite literally too. I had the cross bars set too low and after failing about 1/3 the way up I had to set the bar on the cross rails and there I became pinned with my belt digging me fair and square in the ribs. Nice bruise!

Lessons learnt
1) set the cross bars higher
2) Need to do heavy box squats off parallel.

Hahaha true to form, I haven't even competed yet and already I'm planning out post comp training........... Since there are no more comps I'm interested in this year, this might be a good time to get serious about changing my squat stance - wider. Certainly my deadlift improved with the change to sumo and I need something to kick in for squats.

Bench and deadlift are looking good for competition PB's.


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