Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 21, 2009

Arghhh 2 lousy points!

I missed Best Female Lifter by 2 lousy points. A mere 2.5kg more on my total would have secured it! Arghhhh..........

Oh well....

Congratulations to Anita Millington - Best Female Lifter :-)

I can however console myself with winning my weight class.

Weighed in at 66.7kg

Squat 140kg (308lb)
Bench 82.5kg (181.5lb)
Deadlift 185kg (407lb)
Total 407.5 (896.5lb) Graded Elite II

In the Bench only comp Sunday morning I got 85kg but still missed the 90kg.

I have no explanation for the lousy benching... after getting 90 in training for previous 3 weeks I just couldn't get it together for the comp. Good deadlift tho' - almost triple bodyweight and maintained status quo on squat - well really some improvement 'cos depth is a big factor with PA. Overall a pretty good result.

Thought I'd made clear of ASADA too, they notified Jen and Anita I think sometime after their 2nd squat (bit of a no-no) but as soon as I was off the platform after my last deadlift - bang - notified! I was so dehydrated too... plus they wanted blood.... and not just a little 8ml but a double hit 16ml, big needle left a nasty puncture mark and bruise. (The picture doesn't do the bruise justice)

(L-R) Me, Deb,Mary, Rikki, Jen, Mami

The Southern Belles did pretty well - we were awarded best Female club with little Deb taking gold in the 52kg class, Rikki taking gold in the 60kg class and myself and Jen taking Gold and Silver in the 67.5 class. Mary and Mami did not compete this time. Mary will be back on the platform later this year and bringing little J-Bear (Jacqueline) into the world a couple of months ago :-)

They guys did well too, When the results are up on the PA site I'll post some more accurate details but from memory Tim won his class, Simon placed second in his class and I think Yoji got some PB's.


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Fire 'n' Ice said...

Great job Vicki - and all the Southern Belles!

Don't forget when a female is lighter bodyweight than usual, it's the bench that usually suffers - my coach always drilled that into me. It's a possibility anyhow if you're looking for answers. Always affected me, worse the lighter the lifter too (generally, unless one has a major physical advantage of short arms or something!).
How did you feel mentally leading into the squat? I think that total belief/confidence is always a key in this lift.
Great to see your DL improving again. Little steps - hard to expect big improvements each contest, much in all as we would like them.