Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jan 17 2013

Mid January already,  time flies when you're squatting 3 times a week.

Post op review last Monday was positive.  Can start with some strength training although at least another 2 months before I can go heavy.  Having fortnightly physio, mostly still involving mobility but from Friday I can add in some light (5kg) dumbell press - neutral grip,some dumbell rows and shrugs.  High rep, light weight, slow tempo.  All about control.  So not too much there, best I keep squatting 3 times a week and just add these in to each session at the end..


Training looks like this at the moment:

Monday: Heavy
Belt squat - work up to max 1rm,  3 sets  (High box)
Reverse hack. 60kg 8x5
Glute/ham raise

Wednesday: Volume
Spider bar 4-5 warmup sets then  5x5 at nn kg currently at 60kg
-  (adding 2.5kg each week until I stall)
Good mornings or back attack....
Side sled

Belt squat - speed  8x2 (low box)
Single leg squat
Back raise


Chucky has suggested switching around to do sled first to pre fatigue so in a couple of weeks I'll do that so that my body does become accustomed to the above routine. Gotta keep it fresh!

Need to pull my head in with the diet, clean it up a bit.  Have put on a few kgs over Christmas, well who hasn't..  Anyways, need to drop about 4kg.  Ughhhh.....


Outside of training, I'm attending  a summer intensive course for French, not really what I had expected.  5x3 hours classes, but not revision, just conversation topics. Never mind I'm sure it will still be beneficial, so I need to find some time for grammar revision on top of this.  Perhaps I should blog in french?

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