Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jan 31, 2013

10 weeks post right shoulder reconstruction and I've been given the go ahead to start a benching program!  Hooray!  Tested my bench Wed Morning:

bar (20kg) 15 reps
25kg 15 reps
30kg 15 reps
35kg 10 reps

Checked back in my blog to compare with my left shoulder reco.... Note: This post was 14 weeks post surgery

Feb 27 2011
Whoops!  There goes another month!

Tuesday marks 3 months since my shoulder surgery - 3 months!  Tomorrow I have my 3rd post op review with Mr Hoy.  it will be interesting to hear what he thinks of my progress and perhaps some explanation for the dull ache in my shoulder, the flicking sensation and shooting pain in the front deltoid when my arm moves across the front of my body.

For me, if not for being a lifter I'd be quite happy with the range of motion, but i need more to get comfortably under the bar to squat.  I'm almost there. Looking in the mirror I can still see significant muscle loss on the left and my traps are not symmetric. In fact the left side (operation side) is higher than the right and this contributes  feeling uncomfortable under the squat bar.  My left arm, bicep and tricep, and latissimus are all quite weak.  :-(

I'm box squatting raw using the safety squat bar with about 65kg max and doing 5x5. I'm not allowing myself to put on a squat suit until I can squat with the straight bar - that will be the reward.

I'm am permitted to bench the bar (20kg) - woo-hoo!  I tried benching 30kg and it hurt too much - this is going to be a long road back.


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day to our Favorite sexy Power Lifter. If I were your man, I'd give you heaps of roses, a new inzer suit and some new chucks. Not the sexiest of things but I think you'd like them
Glad you're still posting in the new year!

Anonymous said...

This blog could also use more Bikini pictures ;)

Anonymous said...

So is this blog dead...?