Thursday, September 26, 2013

For Jay R.

Absolutely Louise, Facebook and social media in general has taken me away from the blog.  A quick one liner  here and there and it’s no longer newsworthy or blogworthy.
3 weeks ago  I resumed training starting sheiko 39, shoulder feeling somewhat better after the cortisone, but still niggling....  But the week didn’t go as planned or rather it did, but the plan was not well planned.
A work training event in the U.S. which  I committed to attending via web conference had me getting up at 2 am Tuesday thru Saturday. Wednesday's deadlift session was done on auto pilot! Friday's session I postponed until  Saturday and as I had a massage booked for 8 am training was cut short!  The following week was a little better although being on P1 all week I needed to be at training by 5.40 latest which means getting up at the glorious hour of 4.40am
Got a solid week of training in, pretty pleased about that and a new pair of Tommy Kono knee sleeves made squatting this morning more comfortable.
As I’m approaching the end of this cycle now, I thought it best I test my equipped lifts, it’s been so bloody long since I’ve lifted in my kit.  Squatted straps down and just knee sleeves. Worked up to 3 triples at 110kg. Felt disgusting! Slow, heavy and uncomfortable. A far cry from 150kg last year at Nationals.  This is going to take some work!!  
Welts from the squat suit.
Next test, last weekend, was deadlift. Full kit, straps up. Pulled 180kg with a little still left in the tank – so surprised at that,  I had expected much worse.  Feeling good for the 200 I need to take back the M1 World record in December.  This weekend, a little play in the shirt, perhaps just some board work. I’m not expecting great things given the bursitis hampering my bench press progress. 
With Commonwealth/Oceania Championships looming I’ve decided it’s time to come out of my self-imposed exile from group training.  Have tee’d up with Dave to jump in on Fridays to squat heavy (equipped) and Saturdays to start shirting up for bench.  And Luke has invited me to join in his ‘deadlift parties’ as he calls them.  I’m looking forward to hard sessions.

In non-lifting news, Bridgette has layed her first egg. The white one on the left is hers.  Granted, she is not a laying hen, so not a bad effort  :-)
Bridgette's egg compared to a normal sized egg.

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