Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Latest Project

A few weeks back Leigh handed over his brand new TomTom Navigator for me to setup/play with etc and being an absolute gadget freak I decided that I had to have one....

Of course being me I had to have one with all the bells and whistles which was going to be quite expensive. I also had to consider that this would be an independent unit - not really ideal.

So I set about researching GPS software for my Dopod. A lot of the pre-packaged software and maps available here in Australia, while getting great reviews from retailers and the like, were being trashed in the various forums that I joined. Upshot is that I managed to get a copy of TomTom Navigator 6.00 (which technically is not for sale in Australia) and 650.1114 maps (somewhat out of date - no Eastlink). Coupled with a $99 bluetooth GPS receiver it worked like a charm and with a few tweaks from some other sites I was able to get red light and speed camera warnings.

Dissatisfied still tho' that the maps were not current I set about trawling the forums until I found a site where I could get both a software update 6.032
AND current maps 675.1431. After much fiddling I have the new maps working and Eastlink now shows on the maps, however routing onto the freeway doesnt take place, I know its not open yet but I'm still wondering how it will know when the freeway can be used.... Some more investigation required I think.....

Training is plodding along, setting the ground work for deeper squats still and squeezing a little more out of my deadlift - neither of which I've trained particularly heavy for quite some time. Benching... that is definitely on the backburner at the moment because of my rear delt injury, close grip benching is about as close as I can get to doing a real bench press at the moment.

Leigh is quite content for me to keep chipping away at the close grip and strengthen my triceps further while I get treatment. Unfortunately he's still suffering from healing loss and so communication is pretty much one-way - in some respects thats good for my training, no point complaining 'cos he cant hear me so I just listen to his instructions and focus on what I'm meant to be doing.

Tho' I did have a whinge about some bruises I discovered on my butt Tuesday morning after our Monday night squat session. Doing low box squats, a couple of times I fell heavily onto the box and so had some rather distinctive bruises which I photographed and showed Leigh when we met for a latte in the city later on Tuesday morning.... No, dont even ask, I am not posting the picture here!

Work has organized for a masseur to come into the office once a week, not free, but may as well be since Oracle provides us with great hospital and extras cover. Remedial massage is claimable and with HBA (who we are moving to in June) cover 90% of the cost. Tried out the new masseuse last week, Ruth, little lady with tough elbows!! Got into my right ITB and and glute where I am getting pain squatting and then she worked on my right shoulder and pec. I know I'm not doing enough post training stretching, this is something she says I really need to address if I'm to get over these injuries - another appt next Thursday.

Earthworks last week - finally got the driveway extended. Tuesday they started digging and Thursday they poured the concrete. Hard yaka walking up and down the driveway for those few days - really unfit!! By Sunday night we were able to drive on it. The mount of dirt and rock from the escavation is still to be moved - Leah's boyfriend Andrew is organizing a bobcat for the job.

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